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The coronavirus outbreak has attacked businesses at an unprecedented rate. Many businesses are experiencing failure from the inability to rise and meet the customer in the digital age. For small businesses, having an online presence seemed more like an extra expense that was not a priority at the time. With the onset of COVID 19, things have changed. You may be experiencing firsthand the need to change daily operations and adopt new marketing strategies to meet the growing demand for an online presence for your business. You are missing out if your business is not doing these five things to increase your online presence today.

Get Online Now

With customers staying home and businesses keeping their doors closed, creating an online presence will bring your product or service into a digital venue. There are many e-commerce options available to create a website ranging from Shopify to Squarespace or WooCommerce for WordPress. A professionally built website will elevate your brand with an online presence for your business. Inventory can be managed directly with an online database for retailers. Customers can instantaneously communicate with you via live chat. For service providers, a website will present you with new opportunities to communicate your value to new prospects. 

Bringing your business online means your doors are open for business 24/7. 

Create a Safe Environment 

An online store allows you to meet present-day health standards. Social distancing is not a problem when you have an online presence for your business. All purchases are performed digitally, which means no money needs to exchange hands. Products can be shipped or picked up conveniently and safely. When we live in a time that businesses are being deemed essential and non-essential, there is no fear in exercising your freedom to conduct business. Depending upon your location and industry, COVID 19 may have presented new opportunities and demands for your industry. Creating an online presence for your business means everyone can remain healthy and safe.

Keep Engaged with Your Customers

The great thing about an online presence for your business is the ability to stay connected with your most valued customers. Social media provides endless opportunities to grow your business by allowing you to take a proactive stance in your business. You can share important COVID 19 status updates with customers and encourage them to engage with your brand directly. Social media is one essential part of building a strong online presence. 

New trends in social media include selling products directly through live video feeds and other special promotional events. Social media offers businesses new ways to introduce their brand and market their product directly to customers. It is an invaluable resource in these unprecedented times. Information can be quickly disseminated as situations change in your business.

Lastly, social media is one technology that pairs well with a website. Many shop functions on eCommerce sites allow your products to feed into your Facebook page directly. Any form of content that is created and updated on your site is just a click away from being shared on any major social media platform. 

Adapt to New Technologies

With a growing demand for new digital technologies, the online forum has become a launchpad for businesses diversifying their daily operations to meet growing demands. Many service businesses have incorporated e-signature services such as DocuSign, or Zoom Conferences to connect with colleagues and clients by video. Mailchimp is another excellent platform for email marketing. This tool is a must-have for promoting your business directly to customers. 

Keeping up with your social media platforms can be difficult enough as it is. Hootsuite is one tool for small businesses that will help you manage your accounts. Since times are changing so quickly, SurveyMonkey is another great resource to conduct research and gather feedback from customers that have been directly impacted by COVID 19. Many other great technological tools are available to enhance the online presence of your business and aid in supporting your future endeavour.

Get Ahead of the Curve

The pandemic is far from ending. Businesses will suffer an everlasting effect from the way consumers have changed and altered their buying behaviours. With a do or die approach, your business must embrace an online presence that is strong and effective. The great thing about making these changes to your business is the lasting impact of your efforts. No matter what, you will find having an online presence for your business is a valuable asset for bringing you into the 21st century. A global pandemic does not have to be the only initiating force to making a positive change for your business today.


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