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Content Management System (CMS) software has made it easy to build a website or blog, providing individuals and businesses with the required tools to create a professional-looking site in no time.

CMS takes away the need to write code before creating pages or posts. You no longer need basic knowledge of CSS or HTML to modify the interface and design of your site!

There are several CMS options, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and ModX. So with so many to choose from, what puts WordPress leaps and bounds ahead of the rest?  

WordPress has a huge variety of themes available to its users, an impressive collection of plugins and in-built staging tools made for convenience; helping you design, organise and display the content on your site with ease. 

WordPress provides users with powerful tools that integrate SEO best practices, and successfully control multiple sites. So it’s no wonder WordPress is used by so many businesses and organisations, large and small across the globe.

Some of the key benefits of using WordPress:

It’s Free! And who doesn’t love a freebie? 

It costs nothing to download and start using WordPress. So if you’re not yet convinced and want to have look and experiment, you’re entirely free to do so. It’s also an added bonus to those on a strict budget too of course. While you’ll still need to pay for web hosting, it costs nothing to download and start using WordPress.

WordPress Is Easy To Use.

So, we’re not all computer whiz kids, right? That’s the beauty of WordPress – you don’t have to be a tech nerd to use it, you can make the most of the vast offerings from WordPress with zero programming knowledge. Hooray!! After the brief 5 minute installation, you can consult the easy-to-understand support guide and get started straight away. A more complex site may take a little while, but you can have a basic,  straightforward website up and running in a flash.

Robust Support Community.

WordPress has a massive 60% of the CMS market share, with 30% of all websites worldwide currently running on WordPress! Should you face a challenge during use, chances are high that someone else has been there and done that. There are several WordPress developers and bustling support forums available where you can get all the help you need. Also, should you choose to outsource your site maintenance, there are many professionals very familiar with WordPress, more than able to keep your site running.


Security is a big deal when it comes to digital assets. Keeping a WordPress-based site safe from data miners and hackers is a breeze. WordPress has a whole range of built-in security features; with regular automatic software updates, and options to set your plugins to update periodically.


No matter how cool a website looks, it needs seamless integration with other people and platforms for optimisation. WordPress is designed to enhance SEO, mobile optimisation and responsiveness. You can also build an eCommerce site on WordPress without having to worry about payments; with payment plugins for selling, subscribing, digital download and membership access readily available. Finally, should you ever decide to change your web hosting provider, the transition can be made in a few simple steps with WordPress.

WordPress Plugins.

After selecting a web host and a theme, and setting up your basic site, you can make use of the array of plugins WordPress has to offer. Plugins add functionality to your site. No matter what you need the website to do the chances are, you’ll find a plugin to help. Plugins are used for a whole range of functions such as optimising your blog post for search results, loading pages faster, automatic backup and lots more. With the right plugins, WordPress makes light work of adding content to your website, supporting all sorts of multimedia content from blog posts and photos to podcasts, slideshows and videos. 

So there we have it. Have we piqued your interest? Try it for yourself; you’ll be tweaking that website of yours in no time!



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