5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website 

Did you know the number of google search queries each day is more than 3.5 billion?[1] Yes, that’s right! Not only this, in the UK alone, the internet users are projected to increase from 90.64% to 94.85% by 2021.[1] You might be wondering what do you have to do with all this data and numbers? You might not know but this massive surge is directly related to the attainable growth of your business. Wondering how? Let’s talk about it!

Over the period, consumer behaviour has drastically changed. From searching businesses on yellow pages to navigating through their websites, consumers are progressively adapting to the evolutions in the digital era. Now consumers want to scrutinize the businesses and their offerings on the web instead of trusting the company brochures or the word of mouth marketing. If you are running a business, no matter how established it is or still in the startup phase, here are 5 reasons why your business needs a website today.

#1 Represent Yourself Digitally Let them know who you are! One of the best ways to represent your brand in this digital age is by taking your business online. Reach your customers where they are – meet them online on their smartphones and computers. 60% of smartphone users contact businesses based on their google search.[2] So, instead of running print ads, investing massively in designing brochures, and sending snail mails, it is better to display all the information on your website and let the world know about it digitally.

#2 Provide Digital & Social Proofs

As we discussed earlier, customer behaviour is drastically changing with time and is majorly influenced by the digital presence of the businesses. It is great if you have good reviews and ratings on platforms like Tupalo or Opendi, however, what do you think your prospective clients will do after reading those great reviews? They will search you online to know more about you and your nature of business. But the question is – will they find you? Building a website where you can highlight your products and services, along with some of your happy customer testimonials is a great way to impress your potential customers and build their trust in your brand. Another benefit of running a website is you can link your social media accounts to increase the business reach and provide social proof of your existence as well as genuity. #3 Build a Global Presence

You might have been investing massively in print advertisement to create brand awareness, which is a great idea indeed. However, how well do you think you are doing in making a global presence for your business? A website allows you to attract potential customers from across different corners of the world. It helps you highlight your products and services on a bigger geographical level to reach out to more potential customers. Don’t forget – more customer locations you tap, more will be the Return on Investment (ROI).

#4 Leverage Custom Branding We are breathing in a digital age, where users are more creative than ever. They expect businesses to be digitally savvy when it comes to website designs and representing their brand. Investing in a website will allow you to provide your target audience with the essence of your business through your website’s look and feel. Today advanced web platforms like AstroHost help you customize your website as per your business’s colours and overall branding. It is a great way to build your business credibility and present an aesthetically pleasing overview of your products and services.

#5 Communicate Effectively

A website is a great platform to interact with your customers. It helps you answer their queries and take their recommendations & feedback into consideration. First, the content you put on your website about your products & services will help your prospects know more about you and second, if they seem to be interested, they can directly get into touch with you via your contact details and location shown on the website. Many platforms also provide the option to do a real-time chat to help users with their queries instantly.

The Bottom Line So if you are looking out for ways to expand your business and attract more customers today, a website is a great way to start. Make your first move and create a customized, aesthetically pleasing, and brand-differentiating website that ensures higher ROI and a visible growth in your business. Want to know more about getting started? Contact us today.


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